YA LGBTQ Masterpost

While I believe “coming out” narratives are important, they cannot be the only narrative queer people see themselves in. So, I started this list of LGBTQIA YA books that aren’t about coming out.

This list is a work-in-progress, and I cannot personally vouch for every book on this list. If you believe a book shouldn’t be on here, or if you have a suggestion, please message me on Tumblr and I will look into it.

Note: I am currently closed to suggestions while I catch up on previous ones.

Books I have read are in bold.

I had three criteria for the list:

  • Coming Out could be a part of the plot but could not be the whole focus (which is why Ask the Passengers, even though it’s good, isn’t on here, before you ask)
  • The protagonist/MC had to identify as queer/LGBT. No sidekick stories here.
  • The story could not be biphobic or transphobic (which is why The Bermudez Triangle isn’t on here, also before you ask. Also bisexual-books has a great response to that book in particular, but this is not the place for that discussion.)

The List is also on Goodreads!!


Realistic Fiction: Lesbian MC

Realistic Fiction: Gay MC

Realistic Fiction: Transgender MC

Realistic Fiction: Bisexual MC

Speculative Fiction: Lesbian MC

Speculative Fiction: Bisexual MC

Speculative Fiction: Gay MC

Historical Fiction: Lesbian MC

Queer/Not Otherwise Specified MC: